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Helping the Unemployed

We are here to make a difference, and a difference that will leave a smudge of goodness in all of us. We believe that it’s essential to serve good food, but it is also essential that we touch people’s lives with food. Food is what we know best, and that’s the nattiest way we can express ourselves.
In this city, that is a melting pot of people from various strata of life, people go through numerous transitions on a daily basis. Every metropolitan in this world witnesses these miniscule transitions, and yet very few of us take notice enough to do anything about it.
We can’t build a peaceful world on an empty stomach and human misery. Imagine if all the jobless and hungry people were fed, how greatly the misery will diminish, the world will seem brighter and we can dream of a happy world. Although the initiative seems like that of a different world, Royal Kebab, has taken on a serious ingenuity of feeding the jobless. We believe, that we must help the ones who need help. We urge restaurants around Dubai to take such initiatives to help the ones surfing the rough tides of the Dubai Job Market. Dubai is one of the toughest cities in the world, to survive in. It’s positively competitive, and thousands of young men and women come to this landing haven to make themselves a better future. And we believe our tiny gesture of help will make a huge difference, in making someone’s job hunt a much happier scene.
Let’s show people, that in this concrete jungle of immensely beautiful structures of Glass and Steel, we still have a warm blooded heart and that we care. It’s a small gesture that will not be overlooked in a very long time to come.
It’s an attempt, to join hands with humanity.




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